Civil War Memorial Before Treatment

Candia BT overall Candia BT missing visor Candia BT face, buttons, rifle Candia BT base in snow Candia BT broken rifle Candia BT proper left Candia BT possible attachment areas for scabbard Candia split in legs rear BT Candia rear of cape BT
Candia base BT Candia BT rear detail of coat Candia BT legs with split in zn Candia BT pr rear Candia BT 6 Candia BT 5 Candia BT 4 Candia soldier BT Candia loss of cap visor
Candia BT 3 Candia BT 2 Candia BT Candia top of base BT Candia face anf front of coat BT Candia buttons BT Candia missing visor Candia belt BT Candia button BT
Candia flaking restoration paint Candia flaking restoration paint 2 Candia cap visor BT Candia missing cap visor Candia previous restoration paint on face Candia extant rifle top