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DHHS: Message regarding Spice, K2, and Smacked

From the NH Department of Health and Human Services:  Read this document listing key messages and talking points on synthetic drugs known as Spice, K2, Smacked.


Nottingham man sentenced to 15 years in prison for possessing firearm



CONCORD, N.H. – Joshua Fields, 32, of Nottingham, was sentenced in United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire to 15 years in prison for being a felon in possession of a firearm, announced United States Attorney John P. Kacavas...Read more»


Candia Police: E-ZPass Phishing Scam



It has come to our attention that many people have received an e-mail notice from “E-Z Pass Service Center”, with a subject line of “In arrears for driving on toll road”  This is likely a phishing scam and we advise you not to open or respond to the e-mail message.


If you have any questions about the validity of any message received from E-Z pass, please contact the E-ZPass Customer Center for guidance.  Also, the FBI has confirmed they have received a number of complaints on this matter to date and have “opened a case file”.


Should you receive the phishing e-mail, please file a complaint at  This site is dedicated to sharing information on internet crimes across law enforcement agencies. 


Candia Police: Road Rage Incident



On September 2, 2014, Aaron Bachhuber, age 39, from Nottingham, New Hampshire was arrested on a Candia Police warrant charging him with Disorderly Conduct and Reckless Driving.


The charges stem from a report of reckless driving report  which occurred on Route 101 and ended at the Candia First Stoppe/Irving Station.  Bachhuber reportedly exited his vehicle and began yelling obscenities, raised his fists and taunted the occupants of the vehicle to a fight.


Bachhuber was released on $750.00 personal recognizance bail, and is scheduled for an arraignment on October 1st, 2014.


Candia Police: Mail being removed from mailboxes



On the morning of September 3, 2014 the Candia Police Department investigated several reports of mail being removed from mailboxes on Patten Hill Road.  Some packages were opened.  We believe this occurred overnight as it had rained and the mail was damp.


If anyone has any information on this matter, please contact the Candia Police at 483-2317. 


Candia Police - Recent Happenings



On July 29, 2014 Sierra Development reported a real estate sign missing from a home for sale at Old Candia Road at Chester Turnpike.  This has been an on-going issue.  Recently, a neighbor recalled seeing an older red full size work van several weeks ago, which was seen leaving the area late one evening; not sure if it’s involved in this activity.


On August 5, 2014 Hooksett Paving, 20 Blevens Drive reported the theft of approximately 75 gallons of diesel fuel from one of their dump trucks.  Also there has been the on-going theft of real estate signs from the area of Chester Turnpike/Old Candia Road.


On August 11, 2014 several residents reported damage to their mail boxes on Critchett Road and Island Road.  One victim recalled seeing a small blue pick-up truck that may be involved. 


Anyone with information on these matters is asked to call the Candia Police Department at 483-2318.




Candia Police - $700 for Fueling Dreams



On July 26, 2014 members of the Candia Police Department joined Special Olympics members, pumping gas and washing windshields at the Candia First Stop/Irving Station.  Over $700.00 was raised for Fueling Dreams.


On  July 26, 2014 members of the Candia Police Department joined Special Olympics  members, pumping gas and washing windshields at the Candia First Stop/Irving  Station. Over $700.00 was raised for  Fueling Dreams.


Candia Police - Looking for Information about white box truck



If any resident witnessed a white box truck with Massachusetts plates during day time hours of Tuesday, July 22, they are urged to contact the Police Department at 483-2318. This box truck was possibly involved in suspicious activity and may have been seen on various roads in town.


Candia Police - Man Arrested for Possession of Drugs



On July 3, 2014 at approximately 12:49 a.m., Candia Police Officer Tom Terrill was called to check on a male subject who was walking on Raymond Road in the area of Main Street.  During further investigation, the man identified as Nico Soto, age 25, of Candia, was arrested for Possession with Intent to Distribute Heroin and Possession of a Controlled Drug-Marijuana.


Mr. Soto was released on $10,000.00 personal recognizance bail.


Candia Police - Theft reported at Holbrook Cemetery



The Candia Police Department would like to make the residents aware of the recent thefts of flowers, flower pots and solar lights from several graves in the Holbrook Cemetery.  Also, on June 18th it was reported that an Eagle Scout project sign was removed from its frame at the entrance to the cemetery.  The sign was later found at the Boy Scout Cabin/Moore Park. 


Anyone with information about these incidents is urged to contact the Candia Police Department.


Candia Police - Alert residents about on-going scams



The Candia Police would like to alert residents about on-going scams.    


Several residents have reported receiving phone calls from a man who purports himself as working as a police officer or for the IRS, etc.  The man requests that you send money to clear either an outstanding legal matter, a warrant or for back taxes. 


Also circulating are e-mails claiming to be from a friend who is in another country and needs money because they lost their passport/ID’s and can’t use their credit cards.


Another resident received correspondence through the United States mail which included a fraudulent check. You are asked to cash the check and send some of the money to a certain person/location. 


I strongly urge anyone who receives a call, letter, or e-mail to disregard and hang up on the caller, destroy the letter, and delete the e-mail.  Do not give out any personal information.    


If you would like to learn more about common consumer scams, these websites can help:


Candia Police - Arrest Made: AWOL/Deserter



On June 23, 2014 at about 11:58 p.m., Officer Gray stopped a vehicle for defective equipment on Old Candia Road.  The driver gave his brother’s information; the descriptors matched and he was given a warning.  Moments later after the stop, Dispatch advised Officer Gray that there was an AWOL/Deserter warrant from the US Army on the alleged driver’s brother.


Subsequently, Officer Gray caught up to the vehicle and it was stopped in Deerfield.  After a lengthy roadside investigation, Daniel Cantin Jr., age 24, out of Fort Bragg NC, was arrested for being an AWOL/Deserter from the US Army, Disobeying An Officer and Possession of a Controlled/Narcotic Drug.  He is currently being held at the Rockingham County House of Corrections.  The New Hampshire State Police and the Deerfield Police Department assisted in the matter.


Candia Police - Arrest Made



On June 18, 2014 Paul Vallee, age 31, of Candia was arrested on a Candia Police warrant for several domestic violence related charges.


The arrest stemmed from an incident that occurred on June 10th where an adult female victim sustained non life-threatening injuries.  It was reported that the victim had been thrown into a kitchen island/chairs and strangled. 


Paul Vallee faces three Felony Second-Degree Assault charges


Paul was released on $35,000.00 personal recognizance bail and has an arraignment date of July 2, 2014 in the 10th Circuit District Division Candia Court.



Candia Police - Arrest Made



On April 7, 2014 Candia Police Officer McCarron responded to a reported theft from a residence on Merrill Road where Joshua Decato, age 31, had resided at the residence with his girlfriend. She reported numerous items, to include two televisions, jewelry and a laptop computer were taken. Upon further investigation, some of the items were later recovered in Manchester.


On May 27, 2014, Decato, age 31, formerly from Candia, New Hampshire was arrested on a Felony Theft By Unauthorized Taking or Transfer warrant issued by the Candia Police Department. Joshua was being held at the New Hampshire State Prison on unrelated charges at the time of his arrest. He will be arraigned on June 4 at the Candia District Court.


Drug arrest in Candia


On May 10, 2014, the Candia Police executed a search warrant at a residence on Old Manchester Road. Several pounds of marijuana and several thousands of dollars in cash were seized.


Brandon Boisvert, age 21, and Jon-Marc Levasseur, age 21 were arrested for Possession of a Controlled Drug w/Intent to Distribute and were arraigned at the Candia District Court on May 12 and are being held on $10,000 cash bail.


On May 10, 2014, the Candia Police executed a search warrant at a residence on Old Manchester Road. Several pounds of marijuana and several thousands of dollars in cash were seized.


Candia Officer graduates from Academy

The Candia Police Department is proud to announce the graduation of one of its newest officers from the New Hampshire Police Academy on April 11, 2014.  Thomas Terilli was part of the 163rd Police Academy and received his certification as a full time Police Officer.


Officer Terilli was hired in July of 2013.  Prior to this he had been employed as a part time officer in the Town of Greenfield, New Hampshire.  Prior to the Academy, Officer Terilli completed a field training program with the Department.  Tom looks forward to servicing the residents of Candia.   


Candia Police - Arrest Made



On April 14, Matthew Mahar, age 17, of Candia, New Hampshire, was arrested and arraigned on a Felony Receiving Stolen Property warrant from the Candia Police Department. 


The arrest stemmed from a burglary that occurred in Raymond on April 11, 2014, which involved a theft of a firearm.  Officers from the Candia and Raymond Police Departments located the stolen AR-15 rifle in a wooded area off of Depot Road in Candia. 


On April 21, 2014 at the probable cause hearing bail was set at $25,000.00 cash.    


Suspicious activity incidents involving children/teenagers



Recently there have been some reported incidents reported to the Candia Police Department in where adults have either approached and or drove slowly by a residence, which caused concern.  These incidents have been investigated and we have spoken with other agencies having similar issues.  We asked that you review stranger safety issues with your children.  Attached is a link to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children:


Again, if you suspect suspicious activity or see a vehicle and or person in the neighborhood that you are not familiar,  please attempt to get a description and call 911 immediately.


Elderly targeted in phone scam


The Candia Police Department has received complaints from several elderly residents, advising that they received a “scam” phone call and are coming from a “private” number.   These calls were received over the past two days and involve a male suspect pretending to be the grandson of the elderly victim.  The suspect calls the victim using the actual name of the victim’s grandson and requests $3,000 indicating that:

  1. He was just involved in an accident and needs money before he can be released from jail
  2. The suspect puts his attorney, “Mr. Willis” on the line, who claims the same story

So far, our victims have been very smart and asked personal information from the suspect.  Upon hearing this, they immediately hang up.  We urge you to never give out personal or financial information where you don’t know with whom you are dealing.  We also urge you to report the incident to the Candia Police Department at 483-2318.


Phony Internal Revenue Service Calls


A Candia resident reported that they received a call from a male subject purporting to be an IRS employee asking for money. 


An internet check revealed that there have been several similar calls from the same number asking for payments and threats that they would issue a warrant if the payment wasn't sent.


Anyone receiving similiar calls should hang up, note the number and are asked to call the Candia Police Department at 483-2317.