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Candia Police: High snow banks and visibility access

The Police Department has been receiving complaints in reference to high snow banks and visibility access.  Residents, whether plowing their driveways or hiring contactors, are urged to:

  • Refrain from pushing or placing snow back into the street.  Doing so not only creates hazards for drivers, but also makes it difficult for the highway department to keep the streets clean
  • Maintain proper access to your mailbox.  Keeping this area open will also provide greater visibility of the mail box allowing the plow truck drivers to see them and avoid them
  • If you have curbside trash pickup, make sure your trash cans are well behind the road edge or in the driveway so the plow will not hit them.
  • Check your roofs for excessive snow loads.  Existing snow accumulations can become much heavier once they begin to melt or become saturated with water from rain and wet snow.
  • Keep all chimneys and vents clear to prevent carbon monoxide from backing up into the building. Some vents, such as pellet stove vents, may exit the building through a wall and are susceptible to being blocked by excessive snow buildup on the outside of the building.
  • Many driveways have high snow banks and visibility is difficult when exiting.  Try to find someone to guide you out, if possible.
  • Because of this limited visibility, we are urging drivers to be aware of residents pulling out of driveways.  Please slow down and be alert.

Candia Police: Have you seen this truck?



On February 2nd, 2015, DC Mobil reported a gas drive off. Please review the image below and call the Candia Police at 483-2318 or evening 483-2317 if you see a truck matching this description.

Truck Photo - DC Mobil reported a gas drive off


Candia Police: Burglaries at Stubby's and Candia House of Pizza



The Candia Police Department is asking the public for their assistance in identifying the suspect(s) in two recent burglaries at two Candia businesses.


On Wednesday, January 14, 2014, two overnight burglaries were reported to the Candia Police. At 3:56 a.m., the owner of Stubby’s Place at 26 Old Manchester Road reported that his restaurant was broken into.


Later in the morning, the owners of The Candia House of Pizza, 3 Main Street reported that their business had also been burglarized.


During this same time period, there were several business break-ins in Bedford and Manchester that may be connected. We are asking if anyone saw any vehicles and or persons near any of the Candia businesses from mid Tuesday evening to early Wednesday morning, to call the Candia Police at 483-2318.



*UPDATED on 2/28/2015: Suspects have been identified and cases are under investigation.



Candia Police: Snow blower stolen



On December 31, 2014 a resident reported that their snow blower was stolen from their yard on High Street.  The day prior, an older model red Chevy pick-up truck with no tailgate was seen parked on Baker Road near the address with a single male occupant.  

Residents are urged to keep their snow blowers under cover or out of the sight of motorists.


Candia Police: Abandoned dog found



On Sunday, December 7, at approximately 6:15 pm, the Candia Police Department’s Animal Control Officer was dispatched to the intersection of Langford Road and Raymond Road in reference to a found dog. 


The dog, described as a white Boxer mix, had no identification and was extremely emaciated.  He was very timid and believed to have been dropped off by unknown persons. 


Anyone with information is urged to call the ACO at 483-2317.