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Following are the list of names of town officials with their term expirations.

Department Town Official Term Expires
Board of Selectmen Carleton Robie, Chairperson 2016
Boyd Chivers, Vice-Chair 2017
Scott Komisarek 2018
  Susan Young 2018
Craig Sandler 2016
Andria Hansen, Administrative Assistant Appointed
Donna Becker, Payroll & Accounting Clerk Appointed
Moderator H. Clark Thyng 2017
Tax Collector Candice Stamatelos 2016
Donna Hetzel, Deputy Appointed
Town Clerk Christine Dupere 2017
Donna Hetzel, Deputy Appointed
Treasurer Kathleen Philbrick 2016
Janet Lewis, Deputy Appointed
Budget Committee Allyn Chivers, Chair 2018
Matthew Broadhead 2016
Paul LeBlond 2018
Rebecca Cronk 2017
Mark Laliberte 2017
Kevin Coughlin 2017
Dana Buckley 2016
Bob Stout 2016
Carleton Robie, Selectmen’s Rep. Appointed
Becky Cronk, School Board Rep. Appointed
Building Inspector / Code Enforcement Officer
Dave Murray Appointed
Sharon Robichaud, Administrative Assistant Appointed
Cemetery Trustees Richard Snow, Chair 2017
  Holly Haas, Bookkeeper 2018
  Carleton Robie 2017
  Mike Pouliot Appointed, 2016
  Tom DiMaggio Appointed, 2016
  Donna DelRosso, Administrative Staff Appointed
Conservation Commission Susan Wilderman, Chairperson Appointed
Judi Lindsey, Vice-Chair Appointed
Ellie Davidson Appointed
Dennis Lewis Appointed
Elizabeth Kruse Appointed
Mimi Alberu Appointed
Eileen Dupere, Alternate Appointed
Bill Nichols, Alternate Appointed
Donna Del Rosso, Recording Secretary  
Richard Snow, Alternate & Treasurer Appointed
Emergency Management Director Robert Panit Appointed
Candia Volunteer Fire Department Dean Young, Fire Chief Appointed
Roger Davis, Deputy Fire Chief Appointed
James Wilson, Captain Appointed
Matthew Dube, Lieutenant Appointed
William Cormier, Lieutenant Appointed
John Burnett, Lieutenant Appointed
George May, Safety Officer Appointed
John Seidner, Lieutenant & EMS Coordinator Appointed
Robert Panit, Emergency Management Appointed
Forest Fire Warden Chief Dean Young
Deputy Forest Fire Wardens William Cormier
  Roger Davis  
  Matt Dube  
  Jason Hall  
  Robert Martel  
  Richard McGregor  
  James Wilson  
  Kyle Ball  
  Richard Ducharme  
Fitts Museum Trustees Pat Larkin Appointed
Janet Lewis Appointed
Linda Maxwell Appointed
Jim Lindsey Appointed
Ron Severino Appointed
Health Officer Dave Murray Appointed
Heritage Commission Diane Philbrick, Chair 2016
Ray Cresswell 2014
Carol Howe 2014
Betty Sabean 2014
Carmelle Druchniak 2016
Sandy Whitcomb 2016
Dave Desilets 2017
Lorraine Briand, Alternate 2017
Carleton Robie, Selectmen’s Representative Appointed
Planning Board Sean James, Chairperson 2017
Albert Hall III, Vice-Chair 2016
Tom Giffen 2018
  Judith Lindsey 2018
Kenneth Kustra 2016
Michael Santa 2017
Mark Laliberte, Alternate 2018
Scott Komisarek, Selectmen’s Rep.  2016
Susan Young, Alt. Selectmen’s Rep.  2016
Sharon Robichaud, Administrative Assistant Appointed
Police Department Michael McGillen, Police Chief Appointed
Scott Gallagher, Sgt. Full-Time Officer Appointed
Daniel Gray, Full-Time Officer Appointed
Richard Langlois, Full-Time Officer Appointed
Tom Terilli, Full-Time Officer Appointed
Kevin Mahoney, Full-Time Officer Appointed
Ken McCarron, Special PT Officer Appointed
John Minichiello, Special PT Officer Appointed
John Wasiejko, Special PT Officer Appointed
Shawn Santuccio, Special PT Officer Appointed
Matt Murphy, Animal Control Officer
Karen Merchant, Administrative Assistant Appointed
Recycling Center Chuck Whitcher, Facility Operator Appointed
Joe Lamarche, Operator Appointed
Paul Rogers, Operator Appointed
Connor Britton, Operator Appointed
Road Agent Dennis Lewis 2017
Smyth Memorial Building Trustees Fletcher Perkins 2019
Al Couch 2018
Linda Maxwell 2017
Diane Philbrick 2016
Carla Penfield 2015
Smyth Public Library Trustees Deb Spezzaferri, Chair Appointed
Deborah Marion, Treasurer Appointed
Lisa McKenna, Secretary Appointed
Richard Mitchell Appointed
Roger Leavitt Appointed
Albert Hall III Appointed
Ginny Jones Appointed
Carol West Appointed
Allyn Chivers, Public Rep. 2017
Superintendent of Cemeteries Jerome Becker 2016
Supervisors of the Checklist Candice Stamatelos, Chair 2016
Janet Wilderman 2020
Eileen Dupere 2018
Trustees of the Trust Fund Albert Hall III, Chair 2017
Tom Giffen 2016
Richard Snow, Treasurer 2018
Geraldine Holmes, Administrative Associate Appointed
Welfare Director Donna DelRosso Appointed
Zoning Board of Adjustment Boyd Chivers, Chairman 2017
Judith Szot, Vice-Chair 2016
Ron Howe 2018
Ingrid Byrd 2018
Bob Petrin 2018
Mark Laliberte, Alternate 2017
Sharon Robichaud, Administrative Assistant Appointed