Welfare Department: Update

From your Welfare Director, Donna DelRosso:

  • If you need general assistance, application packages are available outside the glass enclosure by the front door of the Town Offices.
  • For Candia Food Pantry questions, please contact either the food pantry hotline at 587-1166 or Donna DelRosso, Welfare Director, at 370-2977.
  • Meals on Wheels will start April 6, 2020 and deliveries will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Please contact Sherry at 679-1609 for more information.  Restrictions apply.
  • For unemployment questions, including loss of employment or hours, please visit the New Hampshire Employment Security website.
  • To report child abuse or neglect, please contact the Division of Children, Youth & Families (DCYF) at 800-894-5533 or 603-271-6562.  These lines are open 24 hours a day.  For immediate safety concerns, call 911.
  • For depression or suicide concerns, visit  www.webmd.com/depressionFor immediate safety concerns, call 911.

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