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74 High Street
Candia, NH 03034

Phone: 603-483-8101 (Selectmen's Office)

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The mission of Candia Emergency Management is to assist the local emergency service organizations and provide additional resources outside the scope of everyday emergencies, through planning and training. These activities are intended to provide the safest possible outcome for the emergency responders and the citizens we serve.

The Office of Emergency Management is an appointed position. The appointment is made when a vacancy exists. The Director oversees all operations of the Department working with the Board of Selectmen.

What We Do

In the past, Emergency Management was better known as Civil Defense. The role of Civil Defense included warning citizens of attacks from foreign enemies and providing shelter and care in the event of natural disasters. These roles have not changed, but have taken on some different perspectives. More importantly, the role of "planning" for these types of events and coordinating emergency activities has been added. The responsibilities of the office are the result of organizations such as the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), the Federal Department of Homeland Security, and the New Hampshire Office of Emergency Management (NHOEM). These "parent" organizations are available to appropriately assist us, as the first responders, in training and emergency situations.

  • Budget, operation and contingency
  • Prepare and update the Local Emergency Plan
  • Develop and maintain the Emergency Operations Center EOC)
  • Obtain grant funding for training and operational projects
  • Secure disaster declaration grant funds after the incident
  • Evaluate risk assessments for flood potential
  • Coordinate emergency services when necessary
  • Assist other town departments
  • Coordinate community services wishing to assist
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  Phone: 603-483-8101

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