Recycling & Energy Committee Report for 2022

The Recycling & Energy Committee town report didn't make it into the printed 2022 Annual Report, but we are able to post it online. Here it is...

Recycling & Energy Committee

The Recycling & Energy Committee’s mission is to reduce costs and increase revenue by assisting the Recycling Center with improvements and by developing recycling strategies. The committee also works on programs and projects that help lower the town’s energy use.

Following are projects that the committee has worked on this past year:

  • Develop ideas and strategies for improvements to the Recycling Center’s infrastructure.
  • Review recycling markets to insure we are using the most efficient and effective programs.
  • Conversion of town lights to LED.
  • Establish a new Community Power Committee.
  • Assistance for the Swap Shop.
  • Assist with Household Hazardous Waste Day.
  • Roadside trash pickup.
  • Attend town events to inform residents and to answer questions on recycling and on energy use.

The committee has also done a study of the savings achieved by recycling. A detailed review of the past numbers since the Recycling Center opened in 2008 shows the success of recycling.

The two major factors related to the benefits of recycling are:

  1. The avoided cost of not landfilling recyclable items- this totaled over $500k.
  2. The actual dollar return on the recycled items- the total amount is over $800k.

Since 2008 the total benefit to the town (so far) is over $1.3 million dollars.

The committee would like to thank town residents in helping with the success of the town’s recycling programs by following the proper guidelines.

In addition to the substantial recycling benefits, the conversion to LED is also showing substantial savings for the town’s energy costs.

The Recycling & Energy Committee meets on the 4th Thursday of each month at the Town Office meeting room. Zoom Access is also available. Residents are welcome to ask any questions and/or to contribute their ideas. Participants on the committee are: Clay Caddy, Russ Dann, Janet Lewis, Gail Thomas, Dick Snow, and Al Couch.

Category: Town Hall News | Source: Recycling Center | Status: Archived

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