FUTURE Safety Facility - Questions and Answers - March 5 Meeting online

Safety Facility Committee Meeting on March 5, 2022

Watch it online!

The Candia Safety Facility Committee hosted a meeting on March 5, 2022 to discuss purchasing property for the future Safety Facility. To access the video of this meeting, visit https://youtu.be/HMmnNarPEpE

Questions and Answers

Why does the Police Department need a new Facility? The current Facility at the Town Hall building is inadequate and there are safety concerns. Information may be viewed at Find out why we need to modernize our police station.

When did you begin to talk about the idea of a Future Safety Facility? A Safety Facility Committee was formed in September 2020. Regular meetings have been scheduled monthly for anyone interested to attend. See Town Calendar.

What departments will be in the Future Safety Facility? As of right now they only plan to build the Police and will add on the Fire and Highway at a later date when needed.

When do you plan on building the Future Facility? The intent for Article #3 is to purchase the land first. Building the facility will not happen immediately. There are several factors to consider, for example, how the project will be financed, the size of the facility and needs of the Departments.

What is Article #3? On Election Day - Tuesday, March 8th voters have the option to vote on supporting Article #3 to purchase land only for a future Safety Facility.

Where is the property located? On Raymond Road, next to the Court House centrally located in Town.

How much will the Property cost? The 6.9 aces parcel will cost $400,000. The Town has $250,000 from a previous sale and will need an additional $150,000 raised through taxes for the purchase of the land.

What is the Tax Impact? The Tax Impact is approximately $.28 per thousand. The average cost of a home in Candia is $300,000, so the one-time tax impact would be $86.00 per property.

About Us

The Safety Facility Committee typically meets once or twice a month in the Town Office meeting room. Please check the town calendar for our next meeting date.

For meeting documents (meeting notices, agenda, minutes and recordings), visit the Agendas & Minutes page.

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