Town Meetings: Virtual information using Zoom

The Town of Candia will be hosting Board and Committee meetings virtually with a platform called Zoom, whenever possible. This platform allows the public to join via computer audio or telephone to view and participate in the meeting.

To use Zoom, you will need a computer with a microphone or headset, a smart phone, or telephone.

Joining a Zoom meeting

To join a Zoom meeting, you will need to know the join link or Meeting ID.  To find the join link or Meeting ID, go to the “Agendas & Minutes” page of the town website and open the Agenda or Meeting Notice of the meeting you wish to attend.

There are many ways to join a meeting, but the easiest way is to click the join link that is listed in the Agenda or Meeting Notice. You can also click Join in your Zoom client and enter the Meeting ID.

If joining from a computer for the first time: When entering a Zoom meeting for the first time from a computer, you will need to download a small application file.  This process is easy to complete on all commonly used browsers.

If joining from a mobile device for the first time: If you are joining from a mobile device (Android smartphone/tablet, Apple iPhone/iPad), you will need to download the “Zoom Cloud Meetings” app from the App/Play Store.

If joining via telephone:  If you are unable to join from Zoom on a computer or mobile device, then you can join on the telephone instead. Call the number listed in the Agenda or Meeting Notice, usually (646) 568-8656, and follow the verbal instructions.

Zoom Help Center:

Public Comment

Members of the public will be muted until called upon. Once called upon, you may unmute yourselves by pressing the mic icon on the app or by pressing *6 on the telephone.

To alert the chair/host that you wish to speak:

  • Desktop app: Click participants, then click “raise hand”
  • Mobile app: Click the “...” then click “raise hand"
  • Telephone: Press *9 to raise or lower your hand

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