Explanation of SB2

Both the Town of Candia and the Candia School District follow the Senate Bill 2 (SB2) procedures for their annual meetings. The first step, or session, of the SB2 process consists of a Deliberative Session (Town & School). The  second step, or session, of the SB2 process consists of Election Day. The date and time of the Deliberative Sessions and Election Day will be posted on the Election Page, once they are determined.

At the deliberative sessions, all warrant articles will be considered. There will be opportunities for explanation, discussion, and amendment of each article.  The conclusion of each article will result in voting to either:

  • add the article to the ballot for voting on Election Day in its original form, or
  • add the article to the ballot for voting as amended at this session.

When the deliberative session is adjourned, you will know the final language of each article, but will not have decided whether or not it passed.

On Election Day, voters will mark “yes” or “no” on each warrant article in the voting booths with the final outcome of each article being decided. 

Further Details:

  • Articles can be amended at the Deliberative Session.  For example, the dollar amount of an article can be amended.
  • Zoning amendments are not amendable at the deliberative session.
  • Any wordings of articles prescribed by statute are not amendable at the Deliberative Session.
  • The town will be printing a sample ballot in the town report which will provide voters an outline of what you will be voting on.  You are welcome to mark the sample ballot and bring it with you to the polls to make your final vote on the official ballot on Election Day.
  • There will not be an opportunity to ask questions about the articles and amendments on Election Day.
  • Voters who cannot cast their ballots in person due to schedule conflicts may request an absentee ballot.  Please contact the Town Clerk to coordinate this process.
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